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Open Farm Day, Sept. 24th 2-6pm


We are a diversified & grass-based farm in north western New Jersey, raising pork, chicken, heritage turkey, and lamb all on pasture.  Any grains we use to supplement an animal's diet is GMO-free and locally sourced.  All animals are humanely and naturally raised, rotated regularly onto new pastures for fresh food and exercise.  

We firmly believe that top quality and compassionate care leads to a top quality product: you can really taste the difference!

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OpenFarm Tomorrow!

September 23rd, 2016

Hi All,Just a quick reminder that our Open Farm Day is tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 24th, between 2-6pm. We'll be doing tours of the farm, animals, and equipment as well as some refreshment from local es

Open Farm Sept. 24th 2-6pm

September 10th, 2016

Hi All,You're cordially invited to our first annual Open Farm Day.  While our farm is always open to visitors, we'd like to make a special day of celebration & thanks for a great season and

We Have Lamb!

September 2nd, 2016

Hi All,We just got our first lamb back from the butcher, and it looks gorgeous (tastes that way too!).   Our lamb is 100% grass-fed, meaning they are never given grain (which can lead to a grea


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