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Posted 2/9/2016 10:25am by Ryan Lacz.

I glanced at a calendar the other day, and was amazed that it's a third the way through February already!  What little down time we've had on the farm has quickly come to a close, especially with the recent (and thankfully melted) 2 feet of snow.

The animals were none too impressed with all the snow- think that a chicken's legs are only 6 inches long.  We took a few days getting ready for the storm, which included building a straw bale house for the piglets with a foot of straw bedding for warmth, getting extra feed and water, closing up the chicken coop to block the blizzard winds.

Once the snow hit, it was all about the snow shovel!  Shovel the walkway to the tractor, dig out the tractor, clear the roads to the pastures- shovel out the gates to open them, shovel out the chicken coop etc.  One trick we learned from last winter was to sprinkle some straw onto the snow to encourage the chickens & pigs to walk around, without it, they won't leave their house until the snow melts!

We certainly learned a lot from the storm & winter farming on pasture (very hard to find a water bucket under 2 feet of snow...), and only got the tractor stuck once!  It's a lot of extra work when compared to conventional farming inside buildings, but it's worth it to see the new piglets romping around in the dirt and the chickens scratching around for whatever tasty morsels they can find once the snow melted- and thankfully it did!!!

We're gearing up for the spring, the first batch of chickens will arrive in a few weeks, it's time to start early seedlings indoors, planning the grazing rotations, and getting ready to move the greenhouse.

We are also setting our Spring CSA options and drop off schedule soon too.  If you don't know about the CSA yet, you can read about it here.  The February delivery for the Buyer's club is also coming up soon, on Sunday the 28th.  Place your order soon, as we are selling out quickly!

Hope you're all well!

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