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Online Shopping Delivery Weekend

Posted 12/7/2017 5:27pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Quick reminder that it's that time again- get your orders in for this weekend's deliveries to Washington on Saturday the 9th, or to Chester on Sunday the 10th.  I'll be there in the black RAV 4 from 10a-Noon.

You can shop online through our website, email, or call/text your order in to Ryan- 970.946.6377

This will be the last delivery before Christmas, so be sure to plan ahead!  We do have a few small bone-in hams available, which are delicious- nitrate free, and hickory smoked (3-4 pounds each, and remember that they need to be cooked).  We also have some beautiful ham steaks to jazz up a Holiday brunch!  Don't worry, neither our eggs nor ham are green, Sam I am ;)

We are so thankful to all the support you've given us this year!  Thanks for entrusting us to provide the best quality meats to you and your families.

Raised on pasture, grass fed, no GMO's, no antibiotics or hormones- no shenanigans!


Happy Holidays!

Ryan & Liz

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