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Posted 7/22/2017 4:11pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that the Chester farmer's market will be moving to a new location this coming Sunday, tomorrow- Same great vendors, same convenient time, 10a-3pm.

The market is now located at Borough Park, just 2 blocks east of Perry Street, the old location- it's the park with the gazebo, just past the fire station.  It's a beautiful park, a place you'd want to spend some relaxing time, with plenty of grass & room for the kids (and dogs) to run around, great shaded picnic spots, and lots of street parking both on Main (rt. 24), and on Collins Lane.  Especially in the summer heat, it'll be nice to be off the blacktop :)  

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Posted 6/28/2017 9:01pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming holiday and summer, we're offering 10% at our farmer's markets this weekend!  So, fire up the grill this holiday- we have pork chops, ribs, pork kabob cubes, shoulder roasts, and 5 different types of pork sausage.  The sale ends this Sunday, an excludes bulk purchases.

Don't forget that we are now offering cut up chickens for your convenience- bone-in breasts, legs, and wings.  There's a limited supply available.

So come on out to the farmer's markets and support local agriculture and businesses- each market has fresh vegetable vendors, prepared foods, and crafts so it's one stop shopping for all your needs: there's even a local wine vendor at Chester!

Thursday in Long Valley, 3PM-7PM

Saturday in Washington Borough, 9AM-1PM

Sunday in Chester, 10AM-3PM.


Hope to see you this weekend, and have a happy 4th!

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Posted 6/16/2017 7:49pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that all 3 of the Farmer's Markets we participate in are open again for the season, with Chester starting this Sunday.

You can find us on:

Thursday: Long Valley Green Market, 3PM-7PM, at 20 Schooleys Mountain Rd, Long Valley NJ

Saturday: Washington Borough, 9AM-1PM, at 44 E. Washington Ave, Washington NJ

Sunday: Chester Borough, 10AM-3PM, at Perry & Main Street, Chester NJ

Because markets have re-opened, we will no longer be selling through the webstore, and we are no longer taking reservations on products (especially eggs).  If you have a special request, or know that you plan on buying more than usual, email or call us in advance, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

CSA members are guaranteed to receive what their order entails, and you can still join at any time throughout the season.

Remember, it's Father's day, and what better way to celebrate Dad than a cookout?!  We now have 5 different types of sausage- Sweet Italian, hot Italian, sage, garlic, and breakfast; we also have plain ground pork.

So, come on out and support local agriculture and crafts, each farm market has a huge variety of vendors- bakers, honey, prepared foods, fruits & vegetables, and cut flowers to name a few!

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Posted 5/18/2017 8:15pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

In honor of Memorial Day, we're offering a 10% discount on all sausages- it is an online order delivery this weekend to Washington on Saturday and Chester on Sunday, so plan ahead for the upcoming holiday and throw a BBQ with your family and friends!  

We have sweet Italian, hot Italian, and garlic (fresh kielbasa) in links ready for the grill.  You can make skewers with our loose breakfast sausage.  Discount given in final invoice upon pickup.

Other grillables include pork spare ribs, pork chops, pork kabob cubes, and we have pork shoulder which makes a great pulled BBQ (either in the slow cooker or on a smoker).  

Pork belly sliders?  Yes please!

A batch of hogs are going to the butcher soon, so if you were thinking of ordering pork in bulk (whole or half hog) to stock your freezer, you can learn more about the details here.

It's also our first CSA drop off this weekend, and it's not too late to sign up for the first half of the summer.

Join the CSA here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Memorial Day next weekend! 


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Posted 4/21/2017 4:33pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

This is Tomlyn, the adorable lamb in the photo.  I really hope you get a chance to to come out to the farm this weekend to celebrate Spring & Earth Day with me and meet all the bouncing, rooting, and scratching animals here- and some other humans too ;).

It's between 2-5PM this Saturday the 22nd, the weather should be great, but do dress appropriately if you plan on taking a farm tour- close-toed shoes/boots, long pants.  If you just want to hang out and have a beer (we're getting an English ale from Manskirt Brewry), then no worries!  Please, no dogs for this event.

The information's all here on the website.

We are having our regular morning deliveries to Washington on Saturday, and to Chester on Sunday- so you can still get some local food goodies even if you can't make it to the Farm Day on Saturday.  You can check out our online store here.


Hope to see you Saturday!


Tomlyn the Lamb

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Posted 4/12/2017 6:32pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know that our first Farmer's Market is starting tomorrow, Thursday April 13th.  We'll be participating in the Long Valley Green Market again this season- it's a really great spot with loads of vendors, including a wide variety of ready to eat foods (pickles, raviolis, fresh mozzarella, empanadas, organic dinners & dips), you'll find what you're looking for.

We'll have most of products- pork, lamb, duck, eggs, and honey.  Sadly, we're sold out of chicken until mid-May.

Located at 20 Schooleys Mountain Road in Long Valley, from 3pm-7pm, it's just a hop skip and a jump from Chester.  There's even a hiking and bike path (don't worry, it's flat), and a local microbrewery!

Hope to see you there!

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Posted 4/6/2017 2:36pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

In celebration of the arrival of Spring, pastures that are starting to grow, and general customer appreciation (we couldn't be farmers without you), we're giving away some eggs!  

Each person that comes to one of our drop off sites this weekend in Washington on Saturday, and Chester on Sunday gets a dozen eggs for free!  No purchase necessary, one per household.  It's our way of saying thanks for your support.

As for the online store, we are having deliveries this weekend.  Place your order online here for pork, lamb, chicken, and eggs (if you want more than 1 dozen).  We do have a limited number of bone-in, leg of lamb roasts, and our chickens are nearly sold out until late May.  The bone broth was a huge hit, and we only have a few left while we are waiting for our chef to make more.

Just a heads up that we are planning to have an open farm day on Earth Day, April 22nd from 2pm-5pm- we had such a great time last fall with the open farm day, we're doing it again!  Come see the critters on the farm, we'll have a lot of Spring babies- chicks, lambs, piglets, ducklings & goslings- meet other local food supporters, ask us any question about the farm, or just go for a nice walk.  More details to follow. 

Signups for our Spring CSA subscriptions continue, with various size options, drop off locations, and payment plans to suit any household.

Happy Spring!

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Posted 3/23/2017 5:42pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

As per usual, Spring (though it may not feel like it...) means things at the farm really start to ramp up.  While we haven't seen any actual ramps (the vegetable) just yet, we have chicks and ducklings under the brooder, vegetable seedlings under lights in the basement, and our first lamb was born the other day.  Liz has been posting loads of photos & videos of him, and the rest of the farm, on our Instagram and Facebook pages**.

A quick reminder that it's time for another weekend delivery to Washington on Saturday & Chester on Sunday.  Place an order through our online store, and we deliver it to the same location as our Summer farm markets for you to pick up between 10AM-Noon.  Remember that Easter is fast approaching, and we do have a limited quantity of 100% grass fed, pasture-reared lamb roasts and chops available.

It's also the last weekend for our Early Bird CSA discount- sign up by Sunday night for a CSA subscritption for May-August, and receive a 5% discount.  CSA purchasing is arguably the best way to support local agriculture.  CSA members always get priority on our products that frequently sell out at farmer markets since they purchased in advance.

Learn more about our CSA offerings and drop off locations. 

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** Yes, I know the photo here is a piglet- 'cause he cute too!!

Posted 3/18/2017 3:35pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

CSA subscription signups have begun for the May-August season. Receive an automatic 5% discount if you join before next Sunday, March 26th.  Returning members get 5% off no matter when you re-join, as a thanks for your ongoing support!

Get a free chicken!  We'll give you one of our pasture raised chickens as a thanks when you get one of your friends or family members to join as a new CSA member.

Some new additions and changes for this Spring:

  • Popular pork cuts: Receive only our greatest sellers each month: pork chops, bacon, & pork sausage.
  • Flexible Payments:  You can choose to pay your invoice all at once, or pay 50% now, and 50% mid-season.  We can also set up other payment plans at your request
  • We have lengthened the season to four months instead of three
  • Panther Valley residential pickup for those living in that development
  • We had to cancel the Crewe Hill drop site- We encourage those members to select Chester

Things we continues to offer:

  • Numerous share sizes to choose from: options for a single cook to a family of 6
  • Nitrate-free Bacon add-on: choose 1 or 2lb a month to an existing meat share
  • Raw Honey add-on: choose 8oz or 1lb a month added to an existing meat share
  • Flexible farm pickup with 5% off: you pick the date & time

CSA membership helps both the customer, you get local and ethically raised meats with minimal effort & shopping time, and the farmer, paying for your order in advance significantly helps farm finance!  It's a great way to invest in local food and community.  CSA members get priority on our products- you get first dibs on eggs, bacon, and other common items we sell out of at farmer's markets.

Learn more about:

Any and all questions are always welcome, we're glad to help as we know that CSA purchasing might be new to many of you.

Purchase Here

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Posted 3/9/2017 5:11pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

  I know i say it every time, but I really can't believe it's been two weeks already!
  With this obscenely warm and nice weather we've had, Liz and I have been obscenely busy at the farm, chipping away at projects that we don't have time for during the real busy season.  Clearing fallen trees and seeding clover & oats to give the pigs more pasture to nibble on, getting prepared (as much as we can be...) for lambing next week, and setting up the brooders for ducklings &  chicks.

  One of our new items is bone broth- we partnered with a local chef with the skills and know how to make some tasty organic bone broth with the pork bones and trotters from our forest raised pigs.  Sold frozen in quart, glass jars, the bones were roasted and then simmered for 24 hours with organic carrots, onions, and cider vinegar, with no salt added.  Drink a little bit each day for the health benefits of bone broth, or use it as a rich stock for soups or risotto- a little goes a long way..

As usual, we'll be doing online orders in Washington on Saturday between 10a-Noon, and Chester on Sunday from 10a-noon.  LOTS of eggs, pork, lamb, chicken & duck- though we're almost sold out of duck since they were a huge hit at a local restaurant, James on Main.  This will be our last delivery before St. Patrick's day, so plan accordingly.

One special new item (we only have 4 available), are sheepskin fleeces from a friend's flock, that we had beautifully tanned by a local tannery.  They are $100-$110, depending on the size, and are great for floors, draping on a bench or chair, or gifts.  Email us for more information and photos.

If you have any questions, about placing an order, our products, or how to cook a particular cut, let us know, we're happy to chat.


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