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Posted 5/6/2016 11:00am by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Hopefully you haven't all washed away with all this rain (though we surely needed it) over the past week!  

With the changing of the season, we are going to end the Winter Buyer's Club, and start going to Crewe Hill every Sunday, from 11AM-2PM, starting this week, May 8th.  We'll have the usually favorites in tow- pork sausage, pastured chicken and eggs, lamb (though our stock is running low!)- and we now carry raw honey from Weeble Wooble Farm (who are tending the hives at our farm).

Things have been super busy at the farm for us- the lambs are grazing the pastures well, and have gotten used to the routine of moving to fresh paddocks every day, and usually celebrate the new grass with a little play time.

We have 2 batches of chickens, one already on pasture, and one still indoors in the brooder for another week.  The heritage turkeys arrived last week, and are in another brooder inside & growing fast.  The hens are laying 4 dozen eggs a day!

The two new beehives are collecting pollen, building comb, and the queen should start laying eggs to expand the hive in anticipation of summer.  It is truly amazing to watch them at work, and we'll post more about them as things progress.

The first few pigs are nearing market size (250 pounds), and will be going to the butcher's in the near the end of May, so we'll be fully stocked again with chops, sausage, and roasts- and bacon!  We have switched butcher in order to meet the demand for nitrate free bacon (he also can cure hams, and smoke hocks).

Long valley market has been great (though the weather could have been nicer...), and there is a huge variety of other vendors to choose from- cookies & cakes, vegetables, a BBQ guy, fresh ravioli and pasta, honey and more.

We are still taking on new members for the Summer CSA season, June-August.  You can read more about the options here.  If you're ready to invest in some delicious local food,

Join The CSA Here.

See you soon!

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Posted 4/23/2016 8:15am by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that our last Buyer's Club of the season is tomorrow, Sunday April 24th, at Crewe Hill stables, from Noon-2PM.  Place your order for pork, whole chickens (which are 20% off!), lamb, and eggs.

Hope to see you there!

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Posted 4/19/2016 8:09am by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

We've just added our final Buyer's Club date for this coming Sunday, April 24th, at Crewe Hill from 12pm-2pm.  Since we are attending 3 farmer's markets this year, we will suspend the buyer's club until next winter.

We also need to make some room in our freezers for the coming season (our first pigs are only a few weeks away from market size), and have put our whole chickens on sale.  Receive a 20% discount on any chicken you buy through the buyer's club- the prices have already been updated on the website from $5/lb to $4/lb.  Rotated over fresh pastures everyday, and fed GMO-free grain, these chickens are flavorful and ethically raised.

Now that it's warmed up a bit, it's time to dust off the grill- we have both lamb and pork cubes available which make for great kabobs, and both sweet and hot Italian pork sausages available.

If you can't make Sunday, visit us on Thursdays at the Long Valley Farmer's Market, which started last week.

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Posted 4/1/2016 11:08am by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.


Purchase Here

Hi All,

We've sorted through our farmer's market paperwork, updated our website, and tweaked some of our CSA options for the upcoming June-August season, and we're ready to launch!  Thanks for your survey feedback- here's a few changes we've made.


  • 5% Returning Member- You'll automatically receive 5% off your membership if you were a CSA member for any part of last year.  
  • 5% Early Bird- Signup before April 10th, and you'll receive 5% off your CSA membership.
  • Get a free chicken- Get a friend or family member to sign up for a CSA share, and we'll give you a free chicken for your efforts to spread the word!

Better share selection- there is a better mix of share sizes to choose: from 8 pounds a month, a good introductory share for a couple, to a 24 pounds a month share- plenty for a larger family with ravenous teenagers!

More drop-off sites- We now have 4 drop off locations to choose from- 2 of which are at bustling farmers markets where you can shop for vegetables, honey, and all your local food needs.

Flexible Farm Pickups- Can't make a scheduled drop off time or location?  No Problem- our farm pick ups are flexible this season.  Since we're on farm most of the time, you can coordinate with us when you'd like to pick up your monthly CSA share.  Contact us to learn more about this.

The June-August season gives you 3 deliveries, once a month, of variety of our pastured meats, to a centralized drop off site of your choosing.  You can also add eggs onto your share to ensure you get them- CSA customers get first priority!

We keep close track of what you receive each month, so you get a fair share of amounts and variety throughout the season.

Read our FAQ's to learn more about how our monthly CSA works.

CSA membership helps both the customer, you get a month's supply of meat with minimal effort & shopping time, and the farmer, paying for your order in advance significantly helps farm finance!

Any questions at all, contact us us and we'll help you out.

Purchase Here

Thanks for your support!

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Posted 3/19/2016 10:08am by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the delivery for March's Buyer's Club is tomorrow, Sunday the 20th, at Crewe Hill.  We will be there between noon-2pm.

We will also be bringing a huge load of eggs- some of which are small eggs that our new hens just started laying.  We think these will be perfect for Easter egg dying & painting- a great way to celebrate the coming Spring!  They have been averaging 40 eggs a day, so we have plenty to go around.  We will be selling the small eggs by the dozen at a deeply discounted price, so be sure to stop by and get some for your friends too!

Also know that we gladly accept used egg cartons- reusing them helps keeps our costs down, which we gladly pass onto you.

Have a good weekend!

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Posted 3/12/2016 12:17pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All-

Hopefully you've all been outside enjoying the sudden, and much welcomed, arrival of Spring!  We have been out working on getting ready for the new arrivals on their way- first batch of meat chickens show up next week, turkeys the week after, and the lambs a few weeks after that!  The pastures are greening up nicely, and the pigs are enjoying a little sunbathing.

We added a Buyer's Club delivery for next week, Sunday, March 20th from Noon-2pm at Crewe Hill stables.  Our pastured hens have really ramped up egg laying, so we'll have plenty of eggs for Easter, and there is still some lamb available, in addition to whole chickens, and various pork cuts and sausage.

Put your order in soon because some items are limited quantity (if you click on 'more information' on each item, the number we have in stock is listed), and it's first come, first served!

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Posted 3/2/2016 6:39pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi All,

One of the unsung perks of supporting a local farm is that you can give us direct feedback which we will take to heart as we move forward into the next farm season (which has already begun!).  You are a part of the farm, and we really want to hear about how we are doing.  Try doing that with a factory farm or even a grocery store- I doubt they'll change their practices based on what a few consumers say!

Please take the time, it should only be a few minutes, to let us know how we did last year, and what we can do better for the next year.  After all, there's no farm without satisfied customers...No advice is too small, so please feel free to let us really know what you think.


Thanks for your support (and feedback)!

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Posted 2/26/2016 5:26pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi Locivores,

Just a quick reminder that the next Buyer's Club drop off is this coming Sunday, Feb 28th, at Crewe Hill stables just south of Morristown between 12p-2p.

The hens have started laying in anticipation of Spring, so we are chock full of pastured eggs again, which we'll bring Sunday for purchase.

We will also have a delivery in March, the weekend before Easter, and will have some lamb available, which you can order through the Buyer's Club.  Place your order soon as we only have a few leg roasts left!

We are waiting to hear back on our farmer's markets for this year, and will sort out our CSA deliveries and options for the next season- more information to follow. 

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Posted 2/9/2016 10:25am by Ryan Lacz.

I glanced at a calendar the other day, and was amazed that it's a third the way through February already!  What little down time we've had on the farm has quickly come to a close, especially with the recent (and thankfully melted) 2 feet of snow.

The animals were none too impressed with all the snow- think that a chicken's legs are only 6 inches long.  We took a few days getting ready for the storm, which included building a straw bale house for the piglets with a foot of straw bedding for warmth, getting extra feed and water, closing up the chicken coop to block the blizzard winds.

Once the snow hit, it was all about the snow shovel!  Shovel the walkway to the tractor, dig out the tractor, clear the roads to the pastures- shovel out the gates to open them, shovel out the chicken coop etc.  One trick we learned from last winter was to sprinkle some straw onto the snow to encourage the chickens & pigs to walk around, without it, they won't leave their house until the snow melts!

We certainly learned a lot from the storm & winter farming on pasture (very hard to find a water bucket under 2 feet of snow...), and only got the tractor stuck once!  It's a lot of extra work when compared to conventional farming inside buildings, but it's worth it to see the new piglets romping around in the dirt and the chickens scratching around for whatever tasty morsels they can find once the snow melted- and thankfully it did!!!

We're gearing up for the spring, the first batch of chickens will arrive in a few weeks, it's time to start early seedlings indoors, planning the grazing rotations, and getting ready to move the greenhouse.

We are also setting our Spring CSA options and drop off schedule soon too.  If you don't know about the CSA yet, you can read about it here.  The February delivery for the Buyer's club is also coming up soon, on Sunday the 28th.  Place your order soon, as we are selling out quickly!

Hope you're all well!

Posted 12/9/2015 1:21pm by Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Winter- if you can call it's a strange thing to be selling Christmas trees when it's 60 degrees out!  We had 6 inches of snow this time last year, and I'm missing the sledding.  All in due time, I suppose.

Liz and I set up the online market that we've been telling everyone about, and we're ready to go live with it.  We call it the "Winter Buyer's Club," and it's fairly straight forward.  You can read more about how it works on our website here.  

CSA members from this past year get a 5% discount!

Delivery is one of two options: a once a month (dates are described on the website) delivery to Crewe Hill stables, just south of Morristown, or you can arrange to pick up your order from us anytime at our farm in Great Meadows.

One thing of note is that you will only be charged a $20 deposit when you checkout- your shopping cart total will be $0.  Because we sell meat by the pound, and the items varies by weight, we won't know what your total amount due is until we pack your actual order.  We will email you an invoice when we get your order together which you can pay when you pick it up.

As always, if you have any questions about our products, the website, or the buyer's club, shoot us an email and we'll help you out as best we can.

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