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What kind of cuts will I receive?

You will receive a variety of cuts from the whole animal over the course of the season.  In addition to the 'usual' cuts such as pork chops and sausage, we will give you 'different' cuts such as pork belly, or shoulder roasts.  Not to fear, we will suggest recipes and cooking methods for cuts that you might not have experience with!


Can I request a certain type of cut?

We can accommodate some requests when packing you monthly CSA share, such as 'I like pork ribs for my BBQ smoker', but we can't accommodate requests such as 'I want only pork chops'.  We will keep track of what you receive in each share to ensure you get a fair variety throughout the season.


Can I buy extra meat in addition to my CSA share?

Of course!  If you looking for a larger roast for a party, or a special cut of meat for a special occasion, contact us and we'll work with you to get you what you interested in.  


Can I buy pieces of chicken instead of a whole bird?

Yes!  we now offer cut up chickens for your convenience.


What if I can't make a pickup?

Contact us to let us know, and we will work with you to get your share.  You can have a friend pick it up, pick it up at an alternate site, or we can hold it over for the month.


Can I sign up mid-season?

Yes, you can sign up for a CSA share after the season has started at a monthly prorated price.


What payments do you accept?

You can pay through Paypal, using all major credit cards or a debit card.  We also accept all major credit & debit cards through Square at our farm and farmer's markets. You can also pay by check through mail or pay us at the farm or any of the pickup locations.  We can also come up with a payment plan to suit your needs!


Can I visit the farm?

Of course!  Visitors are always welcome, as we are proud of how we raise our animals and would love to answer any of your questions and show you around. Keep in mind that we are quite busy, so be sure to contact us first to be sure someone will be on farm to show you around.  We will also host an open farm day this coming fall for CSA members, families and friends.

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