CSA Sizes & Cuts

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Share Types and Amounts

Cut Up Chicken- 

We offer three different size options:

  • 2 breasts, 2 legs, 6 wings per month
  • 4 breasts, 4 legs, 12 wings per month 
  • 6 breasts, 6 legs, 18 wings per month


Chicken Only-

We offer three different whole chicken only shares:

  • 3 whole chickens per month
  • 4 whole chickens per month
  • 5 whole chickens per month

Average bird size is 4 pounds. 

Chicken & Pork-

There are three different share size options for chicken & pork:

  • 1 whole chicken & 4 pounds of pork per month
  • 2 whole chicken & 8 pounds of pork per month
  • 3 whole chicken & 12 pounds of pork per month

You will receive an equal amount of various pork cuts/sausage and whole chicken. 


Free Range Eggs- Soy Free-

  • 2 dozen pastured eggs per month is the base share.  You can increase this share size to receive up to 12 dozen eggs per month.



Add-On Shares

We offer a variety of options that you can add onto an existing chicken or chicken and pork CSA share.



  • Available for the fall season only, September-December.  You will receive 5 pounds of various lamb cuts per month in addition to your monthly meat share.  You can select the number of 5 pound shares to receive more lamb per month.


  • Get 1lb of our nitrate free, thick cut bacon each month.  Bacon sells out fast at market, but CSA members get priority!  You must have a regular meat share to choose this option. 

    Choose one for 1lb a month, two for 2lb a month.

Whole Chicken:

Need extra chicken?  Add a whole, extra chicken to a main meat share.

Cut Up Chicken:

Ypu can add extra cut up chicken to a main meat share.  Receive 2 breasts, and 2 legs each month.


Receive one pack (approximately 1 pound) of sausage each month.  Choose either a variety of flavors (the default), or tells us you'd like a single flavor.  Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Garlic, Chorizo, Bratwurst, Maple Breakfast, and Sage.



Types of Cuts

We will keep track of what you receive in each monthly share to ensure you receive a balanced representation of the various cuts we offer.


Chicken-  Frozen whole chicken, or chicken breasts, legs, and wings.

Pork- Chops, ribs, roasts, stew cubes, 5 types of sausage, ground pork, hocks

Lamb- Chops, stew cubes, shoulder and leg roasts, riblets, ground


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