FAQ & Delivery

What is the Web-Store?:

The Web-Store is a way to purchase (click on "Web-Store" from the menu above to purchase) our products during the winter months from the comfort of your warm and toasty home!  Get the cuts that you want, delivered to a central location, or picked up from the farm, so you can have locally produced, pastured and GMO-free meats.  No membership commitment, fees, or minimum purchase required.

How Does it Work?:

Simply click on the items you'd like, and add them to your cart.  Each item has a short description and approximate weight, as well as how many we have in stock.  As each item varies by weight, we won't know what your final balance is until we pack your order.  

Your checkout balance will be $0, as items are sold by the pound and each item will vary.  We will send you an invoice once we pack your items, due in full upon pickup.  All items are frozen.

Pick up options are described below.


Delivery Sites and Dates:

Chester: Delivery will be to Chester: Gazebo Park, on Collins Lane (same park as the farm market this Fall), park on the gravel near the baseball diamond. Every other week on the following Sundays between 10AM-NOON:

November 12th, November 26th, December 10th. 

**Thanksgiving special delivery on Saturday, Nov. 18th- 10am-Noon** 


Washington Borough: Delivery will be to Washington (44 E. Washington Ave. 
Washington, NJ 07882- Same location as farmer's market),every other week on the following Saturdays between 10AM-NOON:

November 11th, November 25th, December 9th.


Farm Pickup:  Contact us to coordinate when you want to pick up your order at the farm in Great Meadows. Here are some directions if you haven't visited us before.


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