Our Animals

Pastured Eggs

Our mixed flock of laying hens spend their days scratching around the pastures, hunting for crickets and worms, eating the fresh mix of grasses, and are fed a GMO-free ration. Their 'egg-mobile' is moved every other day, so they always have fresh pasture to live on and scratch through. A happy hen lays better tasting eggs!




Pastured Chicken

The chickens we raise for meat are a slower growing breed, called the Freedom Ranger.  The genetics were developed in France, where they know a thing or two about good food!  A typical commercial chicken grows to market weight, a 4 pound chicken, in only 6 weeks!  Putting all the emphasis on fast growth has bred out all the flavor, and makes for a less healthy bird (they can develop bone issues from all their increasing weight).  Our birds are processed at 9-10 weeks to produce the same finished size.  

They are raised in mobile pens for predator protection, which we rotate onto fresh pasture once or twice a day.  The birds find about 20% of their diet from the pasture grasses and its bugs, the rest is from GMO-free locally sourced feed.  The extra time might mean more care, feed costs, and effort on our part, but the birds are very healthy & active, and you can really taste the difference!

The birds have a good life, and it's equally important to us that they have a good as an end as possible too.  We process them on the farm ourselves, in a county health inspected facility.  This provides for the least amount of handling, transport time, and stress as possible.  It's hard work, but it's very important to us to know they are treated respectfully.


Forest Raised Pork

Our pigs live the good life! Grass, grubs, and nuts to eat shade from tall hardwood trees and, mud wallows to cool off. No concrete pads, farrowing crates, or iron bars on our farm. They can be rough on the land, especially when things get wet, so we will move them to a fresh section of woodland and allow plenty of time for regrowth.

We feel the heritage breeds of pigs, especially those raised free range, have the best flavor. The pork industry has been selecting for pigs that grow fast and well in a big (BIG!) group. This type of focused genetic selection invariably leads to a trade off. Fast instead of flavor, uniformity instead of vigor. They are fed locally sourced GMO-free grain, in addition to the loads of walnuts and acorns they can find in our forests. Our sausage, cured ham, and bacon are all nitrate and preservative free.


100% Grass-fed Lamb

We chose to raise Katahdin hair sheep as a breed for many reasons-  they thrive on pasture and a grass fed only diet, they have a mild & delicate taste, they are very hardy and can handle life on the range (very limited need for dewormers, healthy feet), and...we don't have to sheer them!  They have a hair coat, similar to a dog, that they shed twice a year- once in the spring to put on a lighter summer coat, and once in the fall, in preparation for winter.



                    Pastured Duck

We raise both Muscovy and Pekin (Long Island) ducks on pasture, ducks especially love to eat grasses & clover.  Like all of our poultry, they will be processed by us on farm.  Though there are some extra steps in duck processing to ensure a clean, feather free bird, but it's well worth the effort for the rich, succulent finished product!