The Farmers

Ryan Lacz & Liz Balchin

Ryan has always had a great passion for animals and a love of nature. He was working at the National Zoo in Washington DC, when he and his wife, Liz, decided get back to nature and start a farm! So Ryan and Liz moved up to New Jersey, to be closer to family and to begin Four Fields Farm. 

Fun Farm fact: The farm was named after the Irish pub where Ryan and Liz first met, in Washington DC.


Liz is a graduate form Bath Spa University in England, with a degree in Ceramics. She has alway had a love for animals and getting dirty. She was a manager at a store in Washington DC, when she and her husband, Ryan, decided to move up to New Jersey to start a farm.

Fun farm fact: Liz really gets a crack out of how the pigs scratch themselves on anything that is stationary.

Agador Spartacus Lacz

What more can i say....

photo taken 2014

Artimis Beaker Balchin

Rescued as a stray as an adult, we're not really sure what he is...but he certainly hams it up for the camera!