Heritage Turkey

We are now taking reservations for Holiday Turkeys

Our heritage breed turkeys, Bourbon Red and New Holland White, are set out on pasture just as soon as the weather is warm enough, and are fed GMO-free, locally grown grain in addition to the grasses, seeds, and bugs they catch as they roam the farm.  

Heritage breeds are smaller, grow slower, and are much more active than commercial turkeys, this gives them a richer flavor and darker meat.  Because of this, they do cook quicker and slightly different than you may be used to.  Here is a great website offering successful tips on roasting a heritage turkey. 

We will offer two different sizes: Small (8-12 pounds) and medium (12-15 pounds).  It's hard to know exactly how big a bird will be (we've tried to weigh them, but it went very poorly!), but we will do our best to match your order.  All birds will be fully frozen, with giblets included, and available starting the second week of November.

Pickup options include a drop-offs at Chester and Washington, a farm pickup in Great Meadows, or contact us for other arrangements.  We will contact you to coordinate your pickup.

We ask for a $20 deposit on your bird, with full balance due upon pickup.  Prices for 2016 are $8.00/lb.

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